September 24, 2007

What you drink could make a difference

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Now, I’m not a rabid “greenie” by any means. I live in a regular suburban home where we enjoy the air conditioning and use our clothes dryer several times a week and all. We don’t have a single solar panel or electricity-generating windmill on our property anywhere. Ed Begley would probably throw up his hands in disgust if he saw how we live. But — within the constraints of being a full-time working mom with a 35-mile commute and a lot of other irons in the fire, so to speak — I do what I can.

See, I truly believe if we all do even just a little bit, collectively we can accomplish a lot. And isn’t it better to do something, no matter how apparently insignificant, rather than just sitting around moaning about how “somebody” ought to do “something”? You are “somebody,” ya know, and here’s something you can do.

When you brew that morning cup of coffee, make sure your coffee comes from a company committed to working with growers who use sustainable, earth-friendly methods of farming and who provide fair wages, health care and education to their employees and their families. If your morning infusion of caffeine is certified organic and shade grown, this means while you’re getting your heart pumping and awakening your brain, you’re also helping the environment.

I dunno about you, but knowing I’m helping hardworking farm families and the environment just makes coffee seem to taste better.

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