September 29, 2010

Local Harvest

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I just came across a neat website: Local Harvest.

You may remember awhile ago I mentioned we’d joined a produce buying group here in our local area. So far, we’ve loved it! It’s been an adventure trying out new fruits and veggies (some of which we’d never heard of before, others we’d heard of but just never had the guts to purchase on our own).

red apple hanging from a tree

We’ve also enjoyed visiting our new-ish local small town farmer’s market on Saturdays, and we’ve been fans for years of the huge farmer’s market over in Raleigh.

Well, if you’re interested in finding a farmer’s market in your area, or finding a CSA (community supported agriculture) group, Local Harvest looks to be an excellent resource. :)

One thing I found helpful if you’re looking for a CSA is to use their search right there on the home page. If you go through the site’s catalog, they’ll list all the CSAs that allow you to subscribe online through their catalog — but as I found when doing a search on CSAs in North Carolina, many of them don’t. You’ll find a lot more if you search for all CSAs, not just the ones in their catalog.

By the way, they aren’t just produce… I found several that specialize in things like meat, flowers and nuts & berries.

You can also search for farms that sell to the public, farmer’s markets and grocery stores and co-ops that offer locally-grown foods. And (if you didn’t figure it out from what I was saying above) they’ve got a catalog where you can buy all kinds of interesting and yummy-sounding stuff.

OK, now I’m starting to sound like a commercial, so I’d better stop. Seriously, though, I’m not getting anything for this recommendation — it’s just that we’ve been so happy with our CSA, and I feel so strongly about the benefits of buying local and supporting your local farmers. So, anyway, check it out — and check out the other resources I linked to in this article — to find out what’s available in your area.

If you do decide to try out something, I’d love to know how it works out for you. If you’ve got other resources to help support local agriculture that you’d like to share, please… share, that is! :)

— Diane

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