April 6, 2007

For those who buy in bulk

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I’ve been warehouse shopping for years, despite the fact that there are only three of us in the family. I’ve done the comparisions, and in many cases we can get better quality food by warehouse shopping — and often at prices lower than even the discount stores, much less the regular supermarkets.

The problem for me is: with only three of us, what to do with all that food? There’s no savings if we end up throwing away food because it’s gone bad before we can eat it! I need ideas for storing and preserving the food until we’re ready to use it, and recipes that are both easy to cook and easy to store.

Fortunately, we have a freezer for the perishables and plenty of storage space for the canned and packaged goods. But I’m still always on the lookout for interesting, delicious and easy recipes that will keep well, that don’t require a lot of oddball ingredients, and that (most importantly) my familly will eat.

Enter two excellent cookbooks: From Warehouse to Your House: More Than 250 Simple, Spectacular Recipes to Cook, Store, and Share When You Buy in Quantity by Sally Sampson, and Paula Easley’s Warehouse Food Cookbook.

You know what I really like? You can prepare recipes (and components for recipes, such as pre-browned ground beef) ahead of time. Package and freeze for later… then when you get home at the end of a busy day, all you have to do is haul something out of the freezer and you can put a nutritious, economical home-cooked meal on the table for your family in less than half an hour, without knocking yourself out in the kitchen. And with the tips and ideas in these books, you won’t have to slave for hours in the kitchen assembling the meals in the first place, either.

And these books aren’t just collections of recipes! Both offer all sorts of tips for smart warehouse shopping, food storage and preservation, "cook ahead" ideas, and more. If you enjoy warehouse shopping and you want to save money and time on meal preparation, you definitely should check out one (or both) of these books!

— Diane

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